Senator Omo-Agege's leaked Audio Conversation Exposes Secret Agenda Against the Itsekiris


In a startling revelation, an audio conversation involving Senator Ovie Omo-Agege, the gubernatorial candidate of the APC political party, has surfaced, unveiling a secret agenda that appears to be against the interests of the Itsekiri tribe.

According to the leaked audio, Senator Omo-Agege can be heard discussing a strategy with the APC Woman Leader to deceive the Itsekiri tribe residing in the Uguanja community axis in Sapele, a stronghold of their political rival, the PDP. Allegedly, the senator sent funds to the APC Woman Leader, aiming to persuade the Itsekiris to vote for the APC by citing a development project initiated by him in the area.

However, the most concerning aspect of the conversation is the revelation that Senator Omo-Agege plans to change the name of Uguanja, an Itsekiri area, to an Urhobo name, "Utama," if elected. This proposed name change has sparked outrage among members of the Itsekiri tribe, who perceive it as a threat to their cultural identity and heritage.

Adding to the controversy, the audio conversation also exposes Senator Omo-Agege's plan to change the name of Warri city, which holds significant historical value for the Itsekiri people, to "Wado" city, an Urhobo name. This revelation has further strained relations between the Itsekiris and the Urhobos, raising concerns about cultural preservation and inclusivity in the region.

The leaked audio has reverberated across the political landscape, prompting calls for an investigation into the alleged manipulative tactics employed by the APC candidate and his associates. Critics argue that such actions undermine the principles of democracy and fair electoral practices.

In response to the leaked audio, the PDP party has strongly condemned the alleged attempts to deceive and manipulate voters. They have emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in the electoral process, stressing the importance of respecting the cultural heritage and rights of all ethnic groups within the region.

At present, the authenticity of the audio recording has not been independently verified. Both the APC Woman Leader and Senator Omo-Agege have yet to respond to the allegations. As this revelation unfolds, it is anticipated that it will have significant implications for the upcoming election and inter-ethnic relations in the region.

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