Itsekiri Community Asaba Executives Pay a Courtesy Visit to Dr. Isaac Wilkie, Honorable Commissioner for Water Resources

In a gesture of goodwill and support, the executives of the Itsekiri Community Asaba recently paid a courtesy visit to Dr. Wilkie, the Honorable Commissioner for Water Resources. The purpose of the visit was to congratulate the commissioner on his well-deserved appointment and discuss important issues affecting the Itsekiri community in the Warri Kingdom. This blog post provides an overview of the visit, highlighting the objectives of the Itsekiri Community Asaba and the key points discussed during the meeting.

The Itsekiri Community Asaba:
Led by Chairman Mr. Tuoyo Raymond OGHOLAJA, the Itsekiri Community Asaba serves as the umbrella body of all Itsekiri groups in Asaba. Comprising a diverse group of individuals deeply committed to the progress and development of the Warri Kingdom, the community aims to foster unity, advocate for the welfare of its members, and contribute to the overall growth of the region.

Congratulatory Remarks and Introduction:
During the meeting, Chairman Tuoyo Raymond OGHOLAJA congratulated Dr. Isaac Wilkie on his appointment and described it as a "square peg in a square hole," emphasizing the commissioner's suitability for the role. The chairman then introduced the members of the Itsekiri Community Asaba, including Vice Chairman Anthony Rewane, Secretary Mrs. Jolomi Dudu, PRO Pastor Felix Eyinmisan, Treasurer Miss Mofe Ererun, Financial Secretary Tuju Kiap, and BOT member Victor Etchie.

Water Resources and Community Needs:
Highlighting the urgent need for clean drinking water in the riverine communities of the Warri Kingdom, the chairman advocated for the Ministry of Water Resources to make this a priority. He explained that these communities currently rely on saltwater from the Atlantic Ocean, which is unsuitable for consumption. The chairman requested collaboration between the ministry and the Itsekiri Community Asaba to address this pressing issue and ensure access to clean water for all inhabitants.

Training Programs, Initiatives, and Employment Opportunities:
Recognizing the importance of knowledge and skill development, the chairman sought guidance and assistance from the commissioner in accessing training programs, initiatives, and employment opportunities for the members of the Itsekiri Community Asaba. By empowering community members with relevant skills, they can actively contribute to the growth and development of the Warri Kingdom.

Voter Education and Sensitization:
In his response, Dr. Wilkie expressed gratitude for the visit, underscoring the value of voter education. He urged the Itsekiri Community Asaba to sensitize the riverine community inhabitants about the significance of responsible voting. The commissioner emphasized the need to prioritize the common good and encouraged the community to refrain from accepting monetary inducements from contractors during project implementation. He assured the community that his office is open, and he is ready to listen to their concerns and suggestions.

The courtesy visit of the Itsekiri Community Asaba executives to Dr. Wilkie, the Honorable Commissioner for Water Resources, showcased their support and commitment to the development of the Warri Kingdom. By addressing crucial issues such as clean drinking water, access to training and employment opportunities, and promoting responsible voting, the community aims to contribute to the progress and welfare of its members. The commissioner welcomed their visit and assured them of his availability and willingness to collaborate with the community during his tenure. This visit marks the beginning of a potentially fruitful partnership between the Itsekiri Community Asaba and the Ministry of Water Resources.

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