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A fortnight ago, the internet was flooded with deceitful and biased publication by some faceless Ijaws from Warri North LGA with the above subject matters. Ordinarily, we would have clearly ignored the publication but because of the person involved who the Itsekiri people hold in high esteem, the records need to be straightened for the avoidance of doubt. 

It is no longer news that Ijaws anywhere are Ijaws everywhere, this analogy was arrived at because the Ijaws have one global Elders Council and global youth council which is the umbrella body coordinating the affairs of the Ijaws globally. Therefore, the Ijaws are the same anywhere across the globe. The attempt by some hungry but faceless individuals to undermine the integrity and contributions of the former Governor of Delta State HE Dr Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan is the height of ingratitude by these self serving individuals. It is important to state that, the Ijaws were Senator for twenty (20) years, Deputy Governor for eight(8) years, House of Assembly member for four (4) years with another four years waiting for proclamation. They had enjoyed Speakership, Chief of staff despite the fact that they share their local Govt Area with other ethnic nationalities. It is majority takes it all modus operandi that is operational where they dominate. It is worthy to mention that an Ijaw man from the Egbema extraction contested and lost  the Warri Federal Constituency primaries at the Warri City stadium. 

The Itsekiris are known to exist in Sapele, Ethiope West, Ethiope East, Uvwie and Udu LGA with no political opportunities given to them as indigenous people from those Local Govt Areas. Although the Itsekiris are more in the three Warris as reflected from the last census/elections, they still consider the Ijaws in the interest of good neighborliness with the backings of prominent Itsekiri leaders including the former Governor. This has engender mutual coexistence amongst the various groups.  While the Warri North and Warri South West LGA operate 10 Wards system with the Itsekiris dominating six(6) wards, the Ijaws have four(4) wards respectively with INEC illegally operating twelve (12) wards arrangements in Warri South LGA. In all these scenarios, Itsekiris still considers their neighbors in the political equation of the state. Also, it should  be recalled that under the administration of HE Dr Emmanuel Eweta Uduaghan, the Ijaws did two tenures in Warri South West LGA against the one tenure rotational principles established by the political actors as at that time. 

The just concluded gubernatorial election was an election characterized by high sense of betrayal from outside and within the party just like the Game of Thrones. The confidence of staunch party men flew through the window followed by gales of defections by the old brigades. The life of PDP was in a balance but for the decision of the former Governor and other prominent leaders to remain firm with the party  irrespective of the odds at that moment. He rallied his support base, moved into different Local Govt Areas to settle unresolved disputes, invested time and resources transversing the state for the overall victory of the People's Democratic Party. He stood firm with the Governorship candidate, encouraged and advised him on strategic political moves which further enhanced his chances of producing the overwhelming defeat his closest rivals got at the polls. While he was contributing to the victory of the party, these low fibre politicians were at home sleeping while some were playing the 50/50 games which clearly reflected in the votes they gave the party. Some of them negotiated and allowed other party to win their wards in PDP stronghold.

The accusations are desperate efforts by anti-party agents to be rewarded handsomely for infinitesimal or zero contributions to the success of the party. Hence, we call on the Govermor-Elect to disregard their infantile hallucination against an illustrious son of Warri Kingdom who stood firm when his contemporary took flight to join the botched winning team. The propaganda that Itsekiri wants everything is not true because as at May 29, 2023, an Ijaw man will still remain chairman of the Warri North LGA while the while Isokos are the senator of Delta South Senatorial District and State party Chairman is still far ahead, opened to all ethnic groups in the senatorial district to contest. Therefore, the false allegation is just an imagination of metastable politicians from Warri North LGA. 

Consequently, we want to caution those Ijaws from Warri North LGA peddling these unfounded rumours of injustice that, they should not take the receptive disposition of the Itsekiris for stupidity because they are the most lucky ones in the state. This is a reminder to them that, we are witness to what is obtainable in other LGAs in Delta State where Itsekiris exist and the political exclusion they suffer. 


Iwere Advocacy Group.

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