Warm greetings from the pen of truth and the voices of the youths in Delta State.

The just concluded presidential elections was not a referendum on you but on the strategic leadership failures of elected, appointed and party executives. Over the years, leadership has become a master and servant rather than a leader and followers relationship. Most politicians you trusted including those in your inner circle betrayed that trust bestowed on them because they never came down from their high horses. The system was driven by lies and deceit with the strategic plans of cashing out regularly. 

As the governor, the levels of appointments issued is the highest in the history of the state not talking about contracts awarded to several individual indigenous contractors who were party faithfuls. Therefore, they have no excuse not to deliver the votes during the presidential elections especially with the Federal opportunities there of. However, these leaders went to sleep when internal rebellion began in their backyard thinking it was business as usual. The disconnect between the leaders and the led was crystal clear but their arrogance never made  them see what was ahead. 

These youths have bottled their angers for several decades and the BVAS created that window to vent their angers on the failed leadership, sadly affecting you directly on the ballot. The painful aspect of it was that, the hope of reactivating the sea ports in the state was dashed because that would have been a game changer for the youths of the state. Your Excellency, these aggrieved voters does not need much from party leaders, all they wanted was LITTLE RESPECT, SENSE OF BELONGING AND IDENTIFICATION. These parameters were absent in dealing with these sets of people in the past because the leaders failed to realized that, a leader without followers is just taking a walk. 

Your Excellency, it was surprising to see and hear that appointed officials of your administration were doing the bidding of other political parties some of whom are still in your cabinet till date. This was the highest betrayal of trust against the oath of office they took when they were sworn-in. These individuals must resign as a matter of urgency. Their levels of conspiracy was enough to kill a man. The bible has said the heart of men are desperately wicked and it was displayed first hand in the presidential elections. 

Your Excellency, another strategic problem was the party leadership administration, party executives see everything financial opportunities to make profit rather than focusing on winning. Hence, resources meant for specific purposes are diverted at different levels without recourse to the effects on the elections. These habit have been inculcated into the party structure down to the ward levels. If they party wants to succeed excellently well in subsequently elections some of these ills MUST be addressed dispassionately for better strategic results.

Your Excellency, it is important to hold a town hall meeting with selected youths who are bold and fearless from the 25LGAs in conjunction with the wise men in the state to chart a new course for the party. Those remaining old brigades should either change their ways or step aside for the youths to serve the people of Delta State. The youths deserves a front seat in the incoming administration and you can prepare that foundation for a more youthful Delta State. 

Your Excellency, BVAS has exposed the disconnect between the leaders and the people, revealing that they are only Asaba politicians and not the supposed grassroots which the party seek to serve. To further compound the problem is the poor reward system. Logically speaking, it should be RISK AND REWARD, however, it is SYCOPHANCY AND REWARD that is the order of the day. Hence, they were able to betray for a pot pottage because the reward system was short circuited in their favour.  Therefore, it is important the reward system is based on merit and not just political patronage alone. Supporters should be judged by the contents of their characters and not the blackmail/lies they can spread. The information space in the just concluded elections witnessed the battle between truth and lies but truth prevailed over humongous lies. 

Consequently Your Excellency, we are looking forward to having such fruitful engagement with you on these issues raised. 

Thank you.

Comr Lucky Futughe

(The Pen of truth)

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