The Lies Of the disrobed Chief Ayiri Emami Of The APC


There is a video circulated on social media during the APC campaign in Warri South LGA where the disrobed Chief  Ayiri Emami was on stage telling lies against the person of H.E Emmanuel Uduaghan and calling Hon. Daniel Mayuku a "fool".

The disgraced and suspended Palace Chief who is known to be a public breast palmer has been a happy Miscreant and doesn’t have anything to campaign about other than casting aspersions and deliberately telling political lies to manipulate the shallow and gullible electorate.

The inclusion of Ika ethnic nationality can be justified and is in line with best practices since crude oil was discovered and its production is ongoing by PAN OCEAN Oil Company. 

Hon. Daniel Mayuku is certainly one of the most celebrated legislators in the history of the State Assembly and an earlier attempt by Hon. Okoh to include Ika nation in the list of oil and gas producing areas met a brick wall at the floor of the House as Hon. Mayuku and other members threw out his motion on the ground that the quantum produced in the area has not been linked to the Forcados Trunk Line. 

Pan Ocean Company is seriously exploring and producing oil in Obiayima and other neighboring communities in Ika South, hence it earned the right to be part of DESOPADEC

Investigation revealed that H.E Emmanuel UDUAGHAN never told the suspended Chief anything about Senator Okowa in his G-wagon. The suspended Chief Ayiri is only trying to cause a rift between the Ex and present Governors so that the PDP would be at war before the general elections. 

Someone who can call a cat “Itsekiri” in a video cannot be taken seriously.

It’s obvious that APC doesn’t have any plan for the electorate and resorts to campaigns of calumny and name-calling against their opponents.

The embattled chief Ayiri Emami is derailing the rule of decency contrary to the guidelines provided by the Independent Electoral Commission, INEC, and National Broadcasting Commission, NBC, for political advertisement, instead of dwelling on important issues.

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